ofs_coverWhy I wrote the book

After retiring from thirty years of teaching I made a decision to pursue another goal I had set for myself. This was simply to write a children’s picture book. Over the years I have had many wonderful experiences and precious memories. In this, my first book, Old Fashioned Shoes I have drawn on fond memories of both my late Mother and eldest niece. Mum’s lovely high instep maroon shoes, her patience and Michelle’s beautiful curls and naturalness.

In my teaching the opportunities to observe children at play and develop their skills and interests was rewarding. Even when reading to them I humorously played with words, noted down ideas and over time collected newspaper cuttings which were to become valuable aids in writing my first book.

With the rapid technological advances of today I feel very strongly about the importance of skill development in all areas of an individual child’s early development. Some are less proficient in these areas due to the impact of these changes.

Who might benefit from reading my book.

Old Fashioned Shoes is a book that all ages will enjoy. Toddlers and developing readers will love the brightly coloured pictures, rhyming words and vocabulary. They will be able to sequence and retell and even re-enact the story. Also it will help the children develop skills in the areas of fine motor, strength and early literacy. It will appeal to the carer, parent or Grandparent as a fun book to read to children.